Extreme heat
Mechanical stress of components
Hazardous working environments
Highly resistant plastics

Solutions for trim components with a maximum of durability.

Market-based innovations à la PARAT.

PARAT develops and produces extremely resistant plastic components. Our body panels permanently withstand chemical and organic fertilizers, aggressive cleaners and extreme UV exposure. Highly resistant film-based ABS/PMMA solutions are perfectly tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

We deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.

Hazardous working environment

High breaking resistance

Extreme heat

Brilliant surfaces

Our components withstand extremely high mechanical loads.

We use extremely tough but elastic PUR/GF systems to protect against external influences such as stone chips, vibration, minor damage, collision.

Our components withstand extremely high mechanical loads.

A smart mix of technologies allows consideration of product behavior under various kinds of loads within a system component.

Temperature resistance of up to 130°C

Innovative InMouldCoating gives better surface finish of Class A outer skins. Improved adhesion between shaping surface and backing material results in a better resistance to high temperatures of up to 130°C.

Take a closer look at our extremely scratch-resistant high-gloss surfaces!

A PMMA layer guarantees UV resistance and a high gloss level (3D depth effect). Thanks to an enormously strong PMMA layer, the completely dyed-through plastic film has high scratch resistance. Small scratches show practically no visual damage due to the 2 – 3 mm fully dyed-through film.

Are you looking for durable and tough plastic trim panels?

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