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LFI Technology.

LFI technology is suited for complex composite forms made of glass fiber and polyurethane. Different process parameters provide individual component properties when producing large-sized structural components – all of them can be adapted to the customer’s unique needs.
LFI stands for efficient, reproducible and highly reliable production processes.
PARAT Neureichenau has the world’s largest LFI plant. Three additional LFI units with specific process technologies are in use at our production sites. The PARAT team can draw on many years of experience in producing LFI components and secures our technology lead in the global marketplace.


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LFI Benefits




economic benefits

Predictable and calculable. LFI components impress with their outstanding component properties. These parameters can be individually adjusted and tailored to customers’ requirements. Skilful and targeted systems integration in the LFI process results in optimized overall cost for complex components. What we get is attractive component cost combined with competitive tool invest.

quality benefits

With LFI technology, targeted integration of functions and freedom of design are not contradictions, but go hand in hand with economic, technological feasibility and the consistent creation of a striking emotional brand experience. Besides creating a high mechanical rigidity of the component, this technology is also suited to realize a large number of individual surface requirements.

visual benefits

A dyed-through PMMA layer in the plastic film ensures high gloss values with depth effect and also provides high scratch resistance and an excellent UV resistance. A style-oriented formability of the film with regards to premium CLASS-A surface designs is possible without limitations.

LFI Solutions

large selection of surfaces

smart systems integration

great deal of design freedom

PUR/GF C components

numerous surface design options

UV & scratch-resistant high gloss cLASS-A films

A dyed-through PMMA layer in the plastic film ensures high gloss values with depth effect and also provides high scratch resistance and an excellent UV resistance. A style-oriented formability of the film with regards to premium CLASS-A surface designs is possible without limitations.

INNOVATIVE, highly resistant ABS-PMMA films

Plastic trim parts are very often permanently exposed to aggressive media both indoors and outdoors, such as fertilizers, cleaning agents, lime and strong UV light. A highly resistant ABS/PMMA film offers a reliable and permanently resistant solution when dealing with various aggressive media.

smart systems integration

technical integration of functions

Traditional processes increase system complexity and very often house inefficiencies within the process that are hidden by low project cost. LFI as an advanced fabrication option enables a significant reduction in the number of individual components and leads to greater freedom of design through clever integration of functions.

smart module formation

LFI enables sophisticated tooling and production concepts. As a result, modular assembly groups can be bundled intelligently within a product line to find a holistic solution. In case of a broader product portfolio, we can rely on an already existing flexible system.

great deal of design freedom


All design features unique to a specific customer brand – the brand DNA – will be implemented with the highest possible level of detail. The LFI technology, and thus the possibility to integrate different functions, enable cost-effective production in line with the Design-to-Cost method.

a functionally optimized product design

Traditional manufacturing processes with diverse geometric product requirements to be respected may limit design freedom. The LFI process technology opens up new possibilities when it comes to shaping and forming. A functionally optimized product design can be implemented in a more cost-effective way using LFI technology than e. g. with a traditional sheet metal solution.

PUR/GF C components


High demands on components are the result of ever more extreme operating conditions with regards to mechanical strength. Our products are noted in particular for their highly elastic composite systems. LFI meets all standard criteria required such as high mechanical strength along with component flexibility.

FOPS-approved components

The LFI Technology shows specific examples of best practise which make expensive and unaesthetic metal structures on the roof redundant. The procedure provides for a PUR/GF support structure including a PARAT-specific additional reinforcement. This method is FOPS certified.

Creative surfaces in LFI


PUR Flow coating


painting technology


Whether PC-ITR, ASA/PC-PMMA or ABS-PMMA, these films are formed as an outer skin in a vacuum thermoforming process. Afterwards a substrate is applied as backing according to customer requirements.
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PUR Flow coating

The trend to convert new creative designs and ideas into reality calls for a process technology that meets the high demands of designers and can be implemented in an economically feasible way. When using a PUR flow coating procedure, prefabricated structural surfaces are flowcoated with a special PUR mixture to form a so-called skin. The result is a flowing, high-class finish.
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Trendy surfaces with superior look-and-feel of the products are produced by means of the soft-touch film technology and delivers first class results.
This highly reliable process creates surfaces with incredible detail and has become an established technology when it comes to interior equipment.
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painting technology

Specific project requirements in terms of surface finish can be considered with the greatest possible flexibility. Traditional painting technologies enable optimal matching of the surface finish with regard to required demands and provide maximum process flexibility.

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