large-size paneling solutions
FOPS approved roof structures
extreme mechanical strains

Solutions that deliver real mechanical benefits.

Market-based innovations à la PARAT.

Cutting-edge trim parts call for specific features to meet the highest demands on mechanical resistance throughout the product life cycle. Real mechanical gains within a functioning overall system are the result of customized expert solutions.

Proper solutions for any requirements.

lightweight composites

FOPS certified

elastic composite systems

Get an impression of our large-sized lightweights.

Our PUR/GF composite solutions allow for different material densities. The result is highly rigid system components with low specific weight.



We develop and produce FOPS approved roof systems for extremely harsh environment. Our structural components enable flexible structures. Special reinforcement fabrics can be integrated in the backing layer – perfectly matched to the requirements for FOPS approved applications.


Rigidity & flexibility are not mutually exclusive at PARAT!

Sturdy but highly elastic PUR/GF composite systems meet highest demands under extreme use due to their high mechanical strength. Components having to satisfy challenging requirements in relation to stiffness and surface are assembled to one complete module for maximum systems integration.

Your components undergo extreme mechanical loads?

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